Kalamazoo, MI

Radisson Plaza Hotel

A Kalamazoo landmark for 40 years, this 650,000-square-foot hotel and conference center recently gained new prominence with the addition of a nine-story hotel tower. The signature tower is the new focal point to the hotel and the city block that it covers. A new wayfinding system was needed that reflected this increased prominence, and properly directed the hotel’s different clients – hotel guests, convention center attendees, and people frequenting the restaurants and retail spaces on the hotel’s first two floors.

The system developed by Corbin includes an exterior directory that supports the hotel identity and displays the names of the major hospitality venues located inside. Main directories at interior lobbies are updated electronically to display daily events and meetings along with their locations.

An elegant interior wayfinding system guides visitors through the three floors of space and identifies the conference rooms. The system’s design—from its color palette to the materials used—was specifically tailored to complement the new interior design.