Troy, MI

Kelly Services

This global staffing agency needed signature signage at its world headquarters to provide greater visibility in the urban environment.

The internally illuminated main identifier that we developed stands 16 feet tall for visibility over campus landscaping. Its three-sided design makes it visible to traffic approaching from any angle while providing for the most compact and efficient use of the sign face square footage allowed by local sign codes. The warm metallic silver cabinet color conveys strength and permanency. A floating limestone platform is incorporated into the base with a dry basin and decorative stone fill. Textured cast glass panels at the three corners soften the silhouette during the day and diffuse the internal illumination at night. Together the glass panels and base represent an abstract water feature that doesn’t need water.

By importing the sign design, site plans, and landscaping elements into 3D rendering software, we were able to test sightlines and assure optimum visibility of the sign from multiple angles before it was built and installed.

Secondary identifiers are marking campus entrances and showing the street address borrow design cues from the main identifier, including the metallic cabinet and convexly curved faces.