Zeeland, MI

Herman Miller MarketPlace

When this office furniture design leader built a state-of-the-art facility to promote greater collaboration while saving costs, company officials sought a low-cost, high-image wayfinding system to capture the dynamic spirit of the new workplace.

Corbin delivered with a system using Herman Miller’s Resolve™ furniture and images printed on fabric divider screens instead of traditional signs attached to walls. To obtain the images, Corbin recruited photographers across the U.S. and Europe to capture the essence of the marketplace “streets” worldwide—from the financial markets of Wall Street to the stalls of a Turkish bazaar.

Besides creating visually appealing workspaces, the marketplace images help define areas within the building and lead viewers to their destinations intuitively. Specific images throughout the 100,000-square-foot facility identify “convergence areas” where people can meet for impromptu discussions or more formal meetings.

An interactive kiosk tied the system together, allowing visitors to search for employees and locations by department, street, conference room, or building amenity. Maps indicate the best pathway to each destination and display a key image to help visitors confirm their arrival.

Corbin Design’s work on this project won an Award of Distinction from Creativity 32, and publication in the 32nd Creativity Annual.