Acme, MI

Grand Traverse Resort

Corbin Design’s partnership with the Grand Traverse Resort dates back to 1995, when we first developed exterior and interior signage for the 900-acre resort.

Fast-forward 10 years, with the resort under new ownership and in the midst of $15 million in renovations. Corbin Design was called in again, this time to develop modern, high-tech signage for the lobby interior along with identification signs for the main resort entrance. Corbin Design worked closely with the architects at Dow Howell Gilmore Associates to assure that the new signage worked in conjunction with the architectural renovations.

Many of the sign elements use updated versions of the logo that Corbin Design captured in three dimensions in the mid-1990s. The faceted Entrance Identification Sign reflects the contemporary look of the resort’s asymmetrical 17-story main tower.

A four-sided Electronic Information Display in the lobby provides visitors with backlit maps of the facility along with a constantly updated calendar of events. Wall-mounted Electronic Information Centers provide similar information along with marketing messages.