Detroit, MI

General Motors Corporation

GM’s Worldwide Facilities Group selected Corbin to develop standards for the global auto maker’s exterior wayfinding and signage and make those standards accessible through a customized web-based tool.

The project called the Exterior Signage Initiative for Corporate Facilities and Sites involved designing and developing wayfinding guidelines and exterior sign types for use at any non-dealership GM facility worldwide. The world’s largest car and truck manufacturer, General Motors, has operations in more than 30 countries.

Program goals included providing a simplified process for designing and ordering signage systems, reducing costs, increasing safety and security, and better reflecting GM’s corporate brand attributes. The standards are accessible via a web-based Signage Standards Toolkit designed by Corbin that helps GM employees and consultants develop specifications for a single building sign or an entire facility signage program.

Corbin was selected from a list of ten wayfinding consultants based on our initial insights into the signage challenges that GM faces, and our suggested approach to meeting those challenges. System elements have been installed at GM’s Corvette assembly plant and museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the Lansing Delta Township, Michigan manufacturing facility, and the GM Tech Center in Troy, Michigan.

My compliments to the chef. Corbin was right on the mark and are to be congratulated for your listening and problem-solving capabilities. Of course, we knew you were good when we hired you. It is exciting and should get even more so.

- Architectural Services, GM Worldwide Facilities

I recognize and appreciate the caliber of professionalism and expertise that Corbin brings to WFG projects and initiatives. I appreciate Corbin's careful selection of resources to achieve the desired success of our partnered endeavors, and respect your opinions of what elements are essential to that process.

- GM Worldwide Facilities