Largo, Maryland

UM Capital Region Medical Center

When it was time to build a brand-new medical center in Prince George County, the University of Maryland Medical System architects brought on Corbin Design to develop a comprehensive exterior and interior wayfinding program. The system needed to complement the aesthetic of the nearby shopping center and effectively guide patients and visitors through this 11-level, nearly 600,000 square foot hospital.

Major metro stations located nearby, a busy shopping center, and an interstate create multiple entry points and a need to work with Maryland DOT to navigate people to the campus. We began by developing an understanding of circulation patterns to determine what types of signs would be needed. We collaborated on sightlines with the landscape architect to ensure that visibility of signs would not be obstructed at and when approaching necessary decision points. Based on the sequence of encounter, we determined that campus entry points and building entrances would feature UMMS branding while decision points would not. Exterior signage features the UMMS logo as a dimensional element that illuminates at night. To achieve the desired portrayal of the logo at night and ensure optimum visibility, modifications were made to the branding elements on exterior signage. Interior signage uses an APCO insert system that can be easily updated, but design elements surrounding the frame give the system a custom look.

The signage system features a few custom pieces that create a unique wayfinding experience. Landmarks were created using large acrylic dimensional pieces for the Main Elevator and accent numbers for the elevator lobby on each floor to help orient customers. The main registration desk will feature a decorative back, so the logo was applied in silver to complement the aesthetic. Overall, this system is a unique blend of architectural details and signage to create intuitive and beautiful wayfinding.