Toledo, OH

ProMedica Health System

The ProMedica Health System (PHS) spans 27 counties in Ohio and Michigan. Their goal: a consistent patient experience wherever care is provided.

From the standpoint of facilities and information, wayfinding logic is a primary means of organizing each hospital, and signage is the medium that carries the brand as well as wayfinding information.

Working closely with PHS Brand Design, System Construction and Facilities, we’ve analyzed each facility and designed a consistent system of identification for key wayfinding anchors: campus entrances, parking, building entrances and interior elevators. 

Each entrance and elevator is assigned a color and letter: the primary entrance to each facility is ProMedica Green, and labeled Entrance A. Consistent architectural features also identify ProMedica facilities, including entrance canopies and a green LED detail along roof lines. 

  • Monument signs feature prominent PHS brand elements and wayfinding information.
  • Campus guide signs direct to entrances by letter and color; associated parking is always blue.
  • Where possible, proximity-based letter logic applies to parking, entry and elevator.
  • Interior signage is designed to match the look and feel of the exterior program.

We also designed a consistent way to “speak to wayfinding” relative to PHS brand architecture: consistent terminology identifies destinations throughout the system, whether in a large Medical Center or a rural clinic. 

Powered by brand, centered on the patient, PHS wayfinding unifies and organizes each facility to improve caregiving experiences.