Hershey, PA

Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Having developed the Wayfinding Master Plan for Penn State’s main campus in University Park, Corbin Design was asked to design a similar system for its 550-acre medical school, teaching hospital, and research center in Hershey.

The Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and its 5,000 employees treat over 20,000 patients a year, and provide more care through 500,000 outpatient and 30,000 emergency service visits. Making sure all these staff members, patients and visitors get to their destinations efficiently is essential.

Corbin Design’s wayfinding solution is visually similar to that used on the University Park campus, making clear the connection between the two campuses and allowing cost savings through the reuse of design elements.

But the medical center wayfinding system also takes into account differences between the campuses and their audiences. Larger signs and type provide better legibility, in response to higher speed limits on roads around the medical campus. The system gives added emphasis to critical destinations like the emergency department through the use of color and position on the signs. Color is also used to differentiate the main Hospital campus from the University Physicians Center and East Campus.

The system is also being employed at satellite facilities connected with the medical center.