Portland, OR

Oregon Health & Science University

As the state’s only health and research university, OHSU brings together patient care, research, education and community service to improve the health and well-being of all Oregonians.

Comprised of four primary campuses in Portland and multiple  regional clinic locations, OHSU occupies more than seven million square feet on approximately 426 acres. Our challenge was to connect patients, students, visitors and the public to each of these.

Working with a multidisciplinary internal team, we’ve standardized logic throughout the system:

  • Parking garages use letters, sequential in approach from primary entrances. To help drivers remember where they’ve parked, each garage has a unique icon, and each level its own color.
  • Staff is directed to use full building names rather than confusing abbreviations.
  • Elevators use the building name and a letter designation, to tie into engineering infrastructure.
  • Elevator directories include information linking multiple buildings across the campus.

The signage is designed to display all of the informational components mentioned above:

  • Exterior signage features the OHSU logo and color scheme, while identifying entry points into a given campus. While it’s currently applied to clinic locations, full implementation is scheduled for 2014.
  • Interior signage standards are designed for visibility in any context. The OHSU blue creates a recognizable pattern of informational elements, while providing contrast and legibility. Freestanding signs provide direction where conditions do not allow for wall mounting. All interior signage complies with current Standards for Accessible Design (ADA) requirements.
  • Accessible building directories at primary intersections describe the viewer’s current location, and how to reach all public destinations. To accommodate visitors with limited English proficiency, universal symbols appear with primary destinations on all interior signage.
  • We’ve also developed exterior and interior maps for use in pedestrian signage, staff training materials, mobile apps, Websites, and handheld map tearsheets. During our analysis, we discovered more than 80 different maps in use by OHSU departments.

We continue to consult with the OHSU Wayfinding Team as staff training takes place and wayfinding logic is applied to visitor communications.

These new signs and the new monument are exceptional. Thank you for all your hard work to make this a reality. Great way-finding for patients and families. New signage inside the building at the reception and pharmacy areas has the built-in *wow factor.* Strong work!

- Executive Director, OHSU Richmond Clinic