Chicago, IL

Northwestern Academic Medical Center Campus

This campus, located in the heart of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, consists of multiple academic, medical and research institutions. Many of these Campus Partners share buildings, parking, patients and students. Each expressed unique brand priorities and needs.

Adding to the complexity was a new children’s hospital that was changing its name to honor a major donor, and moving to this campus from a location three miles away.

The challenge was to create a single, unifying campus wayfinding standard that applied equally to each brand, clarified where each was located and prioritized circulation to two separate Emergency Rooms and two primary parking decks.

Each Campus Partner committed time, money and staff toward developing a shared wayfinding program. Our role was to help balance individual members’ expressed objectives with the larger goal of serving a diverse population of campus visitors.

We simplified terminology and developed a hierarchy for campus destinations. This was incorporated into detailed designs for vehicular, pedestrian and parking garage signage that served visitors, met each partner’s objectives, and complied with federal, state and city regulations.