Arlington Heights, IL

Northwest Community Hospital

Visitors to this suburban Chicago hospital system needed to be aware of all the changes occurring, and how they would affect the patient experience. As part of a larger branding effort, leadership at NCH prioritized wayfinding as a key component of that experience. Working together with NCH’s brand management, marketing and facilities departments, interior design and architectural consultants, we addressed both the new presentation of the brand and the updated logic of the campus.

Since this suburban campus has many potential entrances along one loop road, we numbered and named each entrance in a logical sequence. We intuitively renamed the streets on the loop road, oriented to their cardinal directions.

The interior signage shows how beautifully information can be displayed. Because a new patient care tower was being built, signage needed to accommodate donor recognition and reflect natural themes and finishes. Working with the interior designer, we balanced the need for wayfinding with a simple, elegant interior scheme.

Verbal and visual standards for application to wayfinding signage were added to NCH’s online brand standards web site, and are being applied to each NCH facility.