MultiCare Health System

MultiCare Health System has a long history in the Pacific Northwest. From the founding of the first hospital in Tacoma in 1882, MultiCare has grown to include eight hospitals across seven campuses from urban coastal communities to a recent acquisition covering inland rural communities that needed a brand update quickly. With the wide span of regions served, MultiCare sought to create a standard for wayfinding and signage design, so they brought Corbin Design on to tackle the job. 

Initial needs were to retrofit existing signage at Valley Hospital, Deaconess Hospital, and the Rockwood Clinic and bring them into the MultiCare brand. Deaconess North was also a brand-new standalone Emergency Room office, that was being overlooked upon opening. With the addition of a monolithic pylon and canopy, traffic to this new concept ER has dramatically increased.

Once initial needs were met, we moved onto creating the corporate standards that were founded on specific guiding principles. Wayfinding reasoning and logic were at the core of all decisions, and public entrances, parking, and elevators were identified as critical components of the customer journey. For hospitals, alpha characters were assigned to each entrance, and corresponding parking lots aligned with those characters. Moving to the interior, elevators were named to align with the nearest entrance and assigned a color.

Another need was to create a brand application guideline to be used at all locations, designating what is displayed on the exterior of the building and where the MultiCare brand is applied. Institute and physician group branding was reserved for use in the interior of the hospital. By creating a standard to be used at all locations, MultiCare is set up to expand and retrofit existing locations as the need arises quickly and efficiently.