Muskegon, MI

Mercy Health West Michigan

Trinity Health, based in Livonia, MI, had determined that it's West Michigan facilities would comprise a branded sub-region as part of a broader national strategy. Having worked with several of these hospitals in the past, Corbin Design was asked to develop a system of wayfinding and brand signage to assure consistency, cost savings, and differentiation from regional competitors.

Our charge was to work together with the Mercy Health brand team to create a seamless informational and physical environment.

We first conducted an initial audit of signage for each facility, including physician network locations, and a more in-depth assessment of wayfinding issues at the five main hospital locations. This built a deep understanding of the physical requirements for each environment as we created consistent wayfinding logic, language, and signage standards. These would be implemented at all levels across the West Michigan sub-region.

Designed to emphasize the new Mercy Health brand, the signage is a 3-D interpretation of logo forms and colors. The circular shape on a gray color field set the aesthetic standard for the brand platform: the Mercy Health team adapted this for all other communications, including printed materials and all public Websites.

The project you’ve done with us has made a huge difference in defining who we are to internal departments and our clients. In fact, it’s opened a ‘positive pandora’s box’ with everyone wanting to come up to the standard that the new signage has set. It’s helped me make the case for the strategic opportunity for growth that comes from this: a chance for us to present ourselves as one system and talk about how that benefits everyone. Your team has shown incredible leadership in helping to simplify what for us was an unsolve-able puzzle. I totally appreciate the work you’ve done for us even though we’ve only completed the tip of the iceberg in terms of implementation.

- Regional Marketing Director, Mercy Health