Belleville, IL

Memorial Hospital

Our friends at Memorial Hospital expressed a need to incorporate their new brand into a comprehensive wayfinding and signage system. True enough, but there were deeper issues to be resolved before the brand would shine. We engaged their staff in thorough interviews surrounding the patient experience and the state of the existing wayfinding. What we found was a confusing mix of terminology, based on internal ownership agreements. Additionally, identically-named services were scattered throughout (e.g. three CT scan locations).

Walking in the shoes of the average patient, we stripped away all of the confusion and created an intuitive system of parking, building and entrance identification to mesh with the physical campus experience. The strategy includes reflecting new terminology and new wayfinding logic at all points of contact with patients and visitors for a seamless experience across media. Working closely with our main client team, we’ve prepared one of them to be the “Wayfinding Czar” that will manage and maintain the system.

How does the new brand work? Beautifully. But, by engaging in a complete study of wayfinding issues, we’re confident that beauty is more than skin deep.

This initiative has received more praise than any other we’ve completed on campus!

- Director, Decision Support