Allentown, PA

Lehigh Valley Health Network

With multiple campuses, clinics and locations throughout eastern Pennsylvania, this health system asked Corbin Design to develop a master plan that included unified logic and wayfinding tools.

For two hospitals in Allentown and Bethlehem, we developed a simplified building identification logic, tied to new exterior wayfinding signage: previously identified by a four-digit street address, they now use only the last two digits of the address within a colored field. Buildings are identified using these numeric icons wherever directions appear.

For three hospitals, LVHN had made a significant investment in custom interior signage frames; we designed a retrofit solution that allows for cost-effective updates, increased legibility and new color logic for the buildings/elevators.

One of our primary roles was to document and simplify interior messaging on signage. Our team did a comprehensive signage and content audit, then applied new logic to signs in each facility. LVHN staff and their local fabricator use these databases as changes occur, identifying signs affected by a given change and efficiently updating content.

Electronic directories for buildings and physician listings also appear throughout the LVHN system, allowing visitors to find their physician or destination quickly.

  • Address logic is applied to building entrances and vehicular guide signage. These icons also appear on printed and digital maps.
  • Retrofitted wayfinding signs contrast with established interior finishes and incorporate color logic for individual buildings.
  • Cantilevered signs direct to primary entrances along the ring road at LVHN Cedar Crest.
  • Color logic is most evident at elevator cores, “vertical corridors” that bring people closest to their destinations. Lateral circulation occurs on the main floor, limiting cross traffic in patient care areas.
  • Interactive, searchable physician directories save time and expense for frequently changing information; electronic building directories enable efficient information updates.