Detroit, MI

Detroit Medical Center

The DMC operates eight general and specialty hospitals in southeast Michigan and includes affiliated programs with local universities, but were viewed by many as separate entities. A new effort to unify the campus emphasized exterior wayfinding and signage as the visual embodiment of the brand. Corbin Design audited the campus infrastructure and designed the system for four primary objectives:

·Lead with DMC. The physical brand needed to gain prominence over individual entities. We designed a new three-dimensional standard for the brand, using color and lighting for emphasis.

·Simplify. Over the years, signage had devolved into a confusing mix of messages, typography, and colors. A new informational hierarchy clarifies the logic of the Midtown campus for first-time or infrequent visitors.

·Focus on consistency. New standards make the exterior “face” of the DMC more legible and understandable, while at the same time saving scarce dollars. 

·Share Information. New logic requires that campus visitors receive the correct information. Each entity now uses this logic as they prepare pre-visit communications.

The Corbin Design team presented a thoughtful approach to reengineer the wayfinding systems for the Detroit Medical Center’s Detroit campuses. They listened to the campus stakeholders and were able to get consensus to implement a simple and understandab

- Senior Project Manager, DMC Heart Hospital