Evansville, Indiana

Deaconess Gateway Hospital

Deaconess Gateway Hospital added to its 1.2 million square foot facility with a 215,000 sq. ft. Ortho-Neuro Hospital and a 100,000 sq. ft. Medical Office Building. This expansion resulted in changes to public entrances and the opportunity to rename the often-confusing professional buildings.

These Medical Office Buildings were numbered sequentially, and visibility was increased through the monument, canopy, and address signage. Exterior entrances to the hospital building were identified by the service/tower name. All new exterior signage was installed, that features corporate branding colors and fonts.

The exterior wayfinding logic was extended into the interior: elevators were assigned names based upon the tower they serve (e.g., Gateway Elevator, Heart Elevator, Ortho-Neuro Elevator). Additionally, an accent color was assigned to each of the interior towers. This color was utilized on signage within the tower and prominently at the elevator lobby.

Vista sign frames with permanent messaging were used sporadically throughout the existing hospital. This sign frame became the basis for the interior system design, with updates to include replaceable paper-based inserts and the new accent colors. Corbin Design has continued to assist Deaconess with their wayfinding needs as new facilities are acquired and built.