Ogden, UT

Weber State University

Situated in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, Weber State University’s main campus in Ogden covers more than 500 acres and is home to 60 major buildings, including the popular Ott Planetarium and Val A. Brown Center for the Performing Arts. 

Weber State selected Corbin to develop a comprehensive campus identity and exterior wayfinding system for the Ogden campus, to help drivers and pedestrians quickly and efficiently access campus destinations.

The system’s goal was to unify and bring coherence to the campus: in terms of circulation logic, shared language and the Weber State brand. The design of the wayfinding elements conveys the Weber State identity by incorporating the university shield and the use of Weber’s “Wildcat Purple,” “University Gray” and “University Gold” colors. 

At points of decision along primary pathways, pedestrian directional signs guide to specific campus destinations.

Angled header elements on sign types reflect the mountainous terrain surrounding the campus.

The modular design of directional and identification sign types allows cost-efficient updating of individual sign panels rather than entire signs as locations are added or location names change.

I've had three or four people from other universities inquiring as to our degree of satisfaction with the project Corbin designed for us. My response is always, ‘Corbin did an excellent job for us, and we recommend them highly for your project.' WSU feels strongly that we made the right choice in selecting Corbin Design for our wayfinding signage project.

- Campus Planning and Development Manager