Detroit, MI

Wayne State University

A major educational institution in the heart of Midtown Detroit, Wayne State University sought to define its campus better and provide more directional information to its 30,000 students and numerous other visitors.

The solution developed by Corbin involved a series of signs that better delineate the campus boundaries, guide drivers to the most appropriate parking area, and lead pedestrians to their final destination. Large corner monuments help define the 203-acre campus visually and provide nearby street names. Major boundary markers between the corner monuments mark pedestrian entry points and list the adjacent pathways, known as “malls.”

Once on campus, visitors are directed to campus maps that list the names of pedestrian malls where the maps are located. The mall names act as a pedestrian “street” system on campus, with campus maps located at critical intersections. Vehicular directional signs guide drivers between the main, medical, and athletic campuses, while parking identification signs indicate the available parking. Brick and limestone finishes complement Wayne State’s traditional campus architecture as well as the surrounding urban setting.