River Grove, IL

Triton College

This 100-acre urban community college campus needed to create a more welcoming environment and enhance safety for students, faculty, and visitors. Since classes are offered on-site at all hours of the day and night, the wayfinding system is designed to boost commuters’ confidence, helping them easily find their way to parking and destinations.

Triton College’s original campus plan included buildings identified via a sequence of individual letters, but growth over time had eroded that logic. With very little wayfinding support for drivers or pedestrians, the campus was a challenge for first-time or infrequent visitors. Additionally, the landscaping served to block what little signage existed and darkened pathways during nighttime hours.

Wayfinding solutions use the Triton brand to create a consistent color theme, inform and direct students using transit or private cars. Building lettering and parking numbering logic were restructured to flow sequentially from the main campus entrance and are presented consistently.

The program enhances safety and security while conserving energy using efficient LED lighting to illuminate pedestrian maps in strategic locations throughout the academic core. A thoughtful approach to wayfinding has improved access and changed the Triton visitor experience.