Albany, NY

University at Albany

The University at Albany has three architecturally unique campuses within 10 miles of each other, serving a total of 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The campuses include 128 buildings across 500 acres. The exterior and interior sign systems that we designed for the university use the same shape and fonts between campuses. In contrast, exterior bases and finishes are tailored to the architectural style of each campus.

On the main campus, white granite campus identifiers complement the iconic architecture of Edward Durrell Stone. Smaller vehicular directional signs use the same material. Two-foot-tall gold letters subtly identify buildings from a distance. Pedestrian directional signs include a diagram of the main campus properly oriented to the viewer. Limestone and brick campus identifiers and directional signs are used on a more traditional campus in downtown Albany. On the east campus, home to bioscience and high-tech research, signs use marble and aluminum together with silver metallic accent bars for a contemporary feel.

The heart of the program is a 100-page signage and wayfinding manual that lists program goals, describes each sign type, explains its intended use, lists performance specifications, and outlines a phasing and implementation plan to let the university upgrade its wayfinding logically over time.