Marquette, MI

Northern Michigan University

NMU is located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula along the southern shore of Lake Superior. Known as much for its academic programs as for its natural environment, it offers 180 degree programs to 9,400 students from across the globe. Sporting events, concerts and performing arts venues attract first-time visitors year-round.

Because the campus is located a short distance from the center of Marquette, the wayfinding system is designed to bridge the “town and gown” divide for visitors and residents alike. Department of Transportation signage is enhanced by custom trailblazers that direct to campus entry points. For students, shuttles provide a link to shopping and entertainment venues.

At campus boundaries, gateway signage welcomes visitors, and directional signs guide to primary destinations. Special lighting effects enhance the NMU brand, and elements of the design reflect the natural setting that is such a part of the NMU culture. Building identification signs include primary interior destinations to assist campus visitors.

As you might imagine, winters along the shore of Superior can be lengthy and harsh. The signage system is designed to withstand both environmental extremes and the special requirements of snow removal equipment.