Morehead, KY

Morehead State University

Founded in 1887, this northeastern Kentucky university recently embarked on a master planning process that will impact almost every aspect of their campus. New buildings, renovations and major streetscape updates will position Morehead State (MSU) for future success.

Along with this master plan come changes for wayfinding signage, neglected for decades. Our plan will unify the campus both visually and informationally.

We proposed simplified naming & logic for:

  • Each of MSU’s four campuses, located throughout the greater Morehead area; 
  • Identifying campus entry points by name to help visitors navigate efficiently (e.g. Main Entrance, Athletic Entrance);
  • Changing street names for consistency, as multiple street name changes caused confusion; 
  • Clarifying building identification, building addresses and codes;
  • Updating parking identification coding, colors and regulatory information; and
  • For a number of campus buildings, updating interior level and room numbering logic. 

Change on this scale required an entirely new set of wayfinding signage standards. Using MSU gold and blue and the Eagle logo, the signage reflects MSU’s academic and athletic excellence, while complying with all code and accessibility requirements. 

Part of the campus culture is use of a three- or four-letter letter code to identify each building, from course guides to student orientation. Now prominent in the design, visitors and students alike can understand and use these codes as they navigate.

  • MSU’s campus experience included generations of crumbling, outdated wayfinding signage. It did not reflect the academic and athletic excellence that the MSU brand represents. 
  • The new signage is designed to reflect the MSU logo in its wide stance, curved sign face and use of school colors.
  • Buildings are identified by name, building code and street address.
  • The exterior array carries the MSU brand to all campus roadways, and is compliant with federal guidelines for posted road speeds around and within the MSU campus.
  • Pedestrian signage helps orient, direct and assist those with accessibility issues.
  • Interior sign standards feature printed inserts for easy information updates and cost-effective replacement.

This new logic will be incorporated into all MSU brand communications, signage and mapping for a consistent wayfinding experience.