Milwaukee, WI

Marquette University

Located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, historic Marquette University sought to define its 120-year-old campus better and provide visitors with more effective identification of its facilities.

In response, Corbin developed a system of vehicular signs mounted on existing lamp posts and freestanding pedestrian monuments that reflect the architecture in and around the university. The system starts with dramatic portal markers that indicate the campus boundaries. Built of brick and limestone with a sandblasted university seal and signature, the portals are inspired by the design of the most widely recognized building on campus—the 76-year-old Marquette Hall.

Vehicular directional signs hung from custom metal brackets guide drivers to popular campus destinations, while parking lot identifiers indicate the location and types of parking available.

Campus maps depict the university’s 80-acre campus. Building identification signs list building and department names. All the signs display the university name and logo, helping to reinforce its identity in the minds of students, visitors, and others.