Big Rapids, MI

Ferris State University

The president of Ferris State University had a simple goal for the school’s new wayfinding program—“boost enrollment.” 

Corbin Design responded with a system that carries information in a visually stimulating way that appeals to prospective students, while easing wayfinding challenges on the sprawling 425-acre campus.

To improve wayfinding, the campus is divided into four areas. Each area is assigned a color, and the signage in each of those areas uses that color to reinforce its identification. Banners are also used to support the area identification. New, large portal signs depicting the university’s logotype and seal identify the campus at the primary points of entry. Visitor parking locations are clearly identified and maps are used across the campus, depicting the entire campus on one face and each specific area on the other.

The result is a visually exciting system of signage and, yes, enrollment went up!