St. Louis, MO

St. Louis County

Q: How do you design a wayfinding logic that connects a region consisting of 92 individual communities, each containing distinct districts - some with their own unique wayfinding systems?

A: You rely on the physical elements that already exist to orient and direct.

Representatives from the Missouri DOT and the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission (CVC) saw an opportunity when Interstate 64 was reconstructed: rather than just replace existing interstate signs, why not create an inclusive utility that connects tourists and residents to attractions?

Rather than build an unmanageable destination-based system pointing to every single community and destination, Corbin Design developed a wayfinding system of “Attraction Corridors” along which most primary districts and destinations reside. Using these, regional visitors can intuitively connect to the region’s diverse history, culture, shopping, dining and entertainment.

Corbin Design also developed an equitable funding formula that places responsibility on those most able to contribute. Any destination, large or small, can now use this logic, directing from throughout the region to their front door.