Milwaukee, WI

When Skidmore Owings & Merrill needed wayfinding experts as part of its downtown Milwaukee revitalization team, the global architectural firm called on Corbin Design. The project, funded by $5 million in federal and city grants, aimed to breathe new life into the city’s Wisconsin Avenue retail district.

The project called for extensive streetscaping, landscaping, lighting improvements and public art displays along two miles of Milwaukee streets. Corbin Design’s role was to develop more intuitive and coherent wayfinding for the area.

Using established neighborhoods as landmarks provided the opportunity to structure the wayfinding program logically. Visitors are directed to these neighborhoods first, and then to destinations within each. The wayfinding program was designed to coordinate with the city’s “Park Once” program, which uses signs to help drivers find parking and encourage them to walk or use public transportation to reach their downtown destinations rather than getting back into their cars.