Lansing, MI

In an effort to celebrate its uniqueness as a capital city, Downtown Lansing worked with Corbin Design to implement a wayfinding program that focused on Downtown’s new destination branding.

We worked with a Core Team to evaluate the ways people were navigating to and from downtown destinations. As a result, four new wayfinding districts - Capital Complex, Riverfront District, Stadium District, and Washington Square - were created to help simplify and strengthen the visitor experience.

The unique, modular vehicular signage design was created to be installed on the city’s new light poles when possible. When signs could not be installed on existing light poles, custom octagonal posts were created to coordinate with the existing light poles and streetscape. The system’s individual message panels allow the city the flexibility to update the system when individual destinations change.

Because of the importance of getting first-time visitors to public parking opportunities, the sign design features a modular, integrated footer panel that accommodates directions to public parking.

Design considerations were made so that this system could be extended beyond the downtown boundaries when city-wide expansion of the program is desired.