Indianapolis, IN

In 1999, Corbin Design completed the first large-scale civic wayfinding program in Indy, taking advantage of the fact that the City Plan is divided into “quadrants’ centered on Monument Circle. Over the years, our clients kept the system updated, incorporating cultural districts in 2005.

Prior to Superbowl XLVI in 2012, the entire system was updated to accommodate new federal and state guidelines for wayfinding signage. With fewer destinations per sign, we direct traffic to primary destinations only, such as the Lucas Oil Stadium. Secondary destinations, such as restaurants and bars, can then refer to the primary destinations as they direct their patrons.

Once parked or off the bus, directional signs and maps support pedestrians with updated destination directories and maps, including local businesses and amenities.

Finally, we added a local map sign type to the original program, to provide an even greater level of detail in this complex urban environment. Applied directly to existing sign posts, these provide at-a-glance direction to nearby destinations, and a detailed map for orientation.

With everything in place for the Superbowl, there was a last-minute name change for a major sports venue. Because our signage is designed for maximum flexibility, the City was able to make the changes quickly, and was prepared to welcome their visitors.

The Society for Environmental Graphic Design honored this project with a 2000 Merit Award.