Historic Waterfront

Georgetown, SC

Georgetown had an identity problem. Located midway between Myrtle Beach and Charleston on South Carolina’s Grand Strand, the opportunities presented in this welcoming, historic town were often missed by uninformed tourists. Our objective was to direct those tourists from Highway 17 to the Historic Waterfront District, connecting them to dining, shopping and events.

To help manage increased traffic flow, we designed parking signage that clarifies the rules (parking is free) and helps people remember where they have left their car. We also needed to orient visitors as pedestrians once they’d parked, and support circulation between parking, the Harborwalk, along Front St. and throughout the Historic Waterfront District. Pedestrians are now able to see the variety of destinations, new and old, offered here—and gauge whether they’ll be able to walk or drive between them. Finally, interpretive panels were designed to provide more detailed historical information of interest to residents and visitors alike.

The design is meant to reflect the existing architecture, creating a helpful addition to the streetscape without detracting from the environment. Compatible with all current federal, state and local guidelines, the messages are presented quietly, confidently and in proper context with this vibrant, elegant coastal port city.