Downtown and Midtown

Atlanta, GA

Corbin Design partnered with two Atlanta firms to help people find their way down Atlanta’s famous Peachtree Street and locate destinations throughout the city.

Working with Jones Worley Design Consultants and the Atlanta offices of URS Corp., a global architectural and engineering firm, Corbin Design developed a program to improve vehicular access to districts in Atlanta, and direct pedestrians and bicyclists to destinations within those districts.

Wayfinding in Atlanta is complicated by highways that cut through the city, an inconsistent street grid, and misaligned streets. Previous sign systems varied widely in design, and many were too small or carried too much information to be effective.

With its emphasis on first-time visitors, the new wayfinding program is designed to make Atlanta more “user-friendly,” increase the number of people who visit, and make their experience more memorable. The program organizes the city into six districts—Downtown, Midtown, Atlanta University Center, Olympic Park Area, King Historic District and Government Walk—and assigns a color to each district and to the signs and sign listings associated with that district.

It also reinforces and encourages the use of MARTA, Atlanta’s popular and effective mass-transit system.

Our wayfinding system has been enthusiastically adopted by the City of Atlanta as a whole!

- Vice President, Planning Central Atlanta Progress