Task Two

System Design

A great wayfinding system needs to be informative, functional, and attractive. During our system design task, we'll design a beautiful sign system that considers and complements the architecture, interior design, environmental factors, brand and wayfinding goals.

The final deliverables for this task are: the full sign type array; design intent drawings; and a cost estimate.

Design Development 

After discussions during the analysis with the Core Team and Stakeholders, and additional research, we will then begin the design development for the wayfinding signage. Typically, this will include two unique concepts featuring inspiration from the environment, architecture, interior design, and brand. We’ll develop three high-level sign types for each concept to showcase the range of the array and how certain features will tie the program together. We’ll then present the initial design concepts to the Core Team/Stakeholders discussing each concept and its inspiration thoroughly, and then work with you to refine the selected design concept.

Once the design direction has been approved, we will apply the design concept to the remaining sign types to complete the full sign type array and prepare a preliminary fabrication and installtion cost estimate that is based on approximate unit cost and estimated quantities.

Community Input

Often we will present the initial design concepts or selected design concept to Stakeholders beyond the Core Team, or conduct online surveys to gain community input for the initial or final design. Open houses are held or surveys are developed where the designs are on display and presented to the public. We can tailor the community engagement plan to meet your needs. We have experience leading open discussions, working with smaller focus groups, and hosting public polls to select the final design direction.

Color and Material Selection 

Whether the goal is to complement an existing brand or create a standout sign system (or even both!) our team will work with you to evaluate color options for the system. We consider all lighting conditions the system will be used in and adjust the design appropriately. The longevity of your system is also an important consideration as materials are selected for the environment in which the system will exist. We keep up to date on the latest fabrication methods so that your chosen colors will be presented in the best material and finish to meet your needs. 

Design Intent Drawings

Our team has vast experience in developing sign systems and working with fabricators to bring the designs to life. Part of this is creating detailed fabrication and installation specifications for each sign type. These design intent drawings will provide the fabricators the guidelines for how the sign should be constructed to achieve the desired design and ensure a quality product intended to withstand the elements of the environment the signs will be installed in. We design with an elevated level of fit and finish compared to standard commercial systems, making them attractive at the pedestrian level. With an eye for detail, our designers work to use proven fabrication techniques while always staying up-to-date on the latest technologies and products. 

System Design Deliverable Examples