Task Four:


As your new wayfinding system becomes a reality, Corbin Design will work with fabricators to ensure faithful implementation of the design and logic. From managing a competitive bid process to the post-installation punch list, our team will be with you every step of the way. 

Managing the Bid Process

Whether you choose an open bid or to issue a bid to a pre-selected list of fabricators, our team will be with you throughout the bid process. We conduct a pre-bid conference call with all fabricators to review the design intent drawings and the other materials in the package. Our team will issue any necessary bid addendums keeping all fabricators aware of the expectations for the system. Once the bid is closed, we’ll organize the pricing information and rate the sign samples provided to give you an expert, unbiased review of the bid returns. 

Review Submittals

Once your fabricator is selected, we’ll work with them to review the submittals of shop drawings, color samples, and keystroke proofs. The shop drawings will expand upon the fabrication details in the design intent drawings showing the exact fabrication methods and materials used for each sign. Keystroke proofs will take the sign message schedule and lay out the face of each sign for all sign locations. We’ll review this document for both accuracy of the messaging, but also that the layout of symbols and messages are optimum for wayfinding and easily interpreted to keep people moving towards their destination.


After the review of the submittals, we’ll consult with the fabricators and installers throughout the process. As questions arise on the design intent and programming, we’re here to field questions and ensure the integrity of the wayfinding is maintained. 

Frequently we’ll also consult on or create insert artwork for directories, corridor maps, and site maps. Our artwork can be prepared for use on either printed materials or for use in digital signage. We’re experienced in working with various vendors for digital signage to expand the wayfinding design from static signs into the digital realm. 

Punch List Report

After the first phase of the new wayfinding signs has been installed, we’ll conduct a site visit to inspect and document each sign. We’ll note any repairs or changes that need to be made on the installed signs and submit a list to the fabricator. This document helps to verify the completion of the project and note any deficiencies that need to be addressed prior to additional phases being implemented. 

Wayfinding Standards and Reference Manual Examples