Shelley Steele

Direct Line: 231.346.2271
LinkedIn: Shelley Steele

Shelley joined Corbin Design as our marketing director in February, 2001, bringing six years of marketing and sales experience. She was named an Associate in December, 2002; Vice President of Marketing in February, 2010; and President in June, 2016.

She is responsible for the vision and direction of Corbin Design and the internal leadership and management of the staff. Shelley is also responsible for Corbin Design’s business development and marketing. Her business development duties include: meeting with prospective clients to assess their wayfinding needs; making presentations to committees; attending annual conferences; researching new market opportunities; and working with the rest of the Corbin Design team to develop detailed proposals that fit each client’s needs.

Shelley is an active member of the International Downtown Association (IDA), Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) and Society for Healthcare Marketing and Strategy Development (SHSMD).

Before joining Corbin Design, Shelley spent over a year as marketing director for a website design and development company—managing the firm’s advertising plan, selling e-commerce services, designing sales materials and developing press releases and promotions. She also spent more than four years providing marketing and support services for a publishers’ distribution service—consulting with clients, negotiating contracts with publishers and supervising the design and production of company catalogs.

She enjoys travel and meeting new people. Outside the office, she can often be found boating, golfing or playing a friendly game of volleyball.

Shelley graduated Magna Cum Laude from Central Michigan University with a business administration degree, a major in marketing and a minor in advertising.