Vice President, Technology

Rick Stringer

Direct Line: (231) 346-2252
LinkedIn: Rick Stringer

Rick is Vice President at Corbin Design and keeps the team computers and networks operating at optimum efficiency as our Technology Director. He began at Corbin Design in 1992 as a production artist and illustrator before being named the Technology Director in 1994 and Vice President 1999. His favorite part about his job is knowing that Corbin Design is running as effectively as possible, along with anything creative, ranging from photo renderings, illustrations, map artwork, and even databases. 

For most of his life, Rick has considered Michigan his home. He attended Eastern Michigan University with a major in Theatre and minor in Art before moving to California, where he found one of his first passions, the airbrush, which led to taking classes at Otis Parsons College of Art and Design. Rick worked as a freelance illustrator, with projects ranging from large-scale murals to book covers. He then moved back to the Midwest where he worked at an advertising firm in the Chicago area. This job led to the introduction to a new passion, Macintosh computers. He later made the move to Grand Rapids, MI, and worked as a full-time production artist and illustrator for six years before joining Corbin Design. Always learning and growing, Rick is constantly improving his skills with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Claris FileMaker, and exploring new technology that can propel Corbin Design into the future.

Outside of work, Rick loves biking around town on his 1976 Motobecane Mirage and visiting all of his favorite local microbreweries and wineries.