Senior Project Manager

Becky Douthitt

Direct Line: (231) 346-2265

Becky is a senior project manager at Corbin Design and has been a part of the team since 2001. Becky's analytical skills have made her a master at fitting the puzzle pieces of a complex project into a seamless whole while managing the development of intricate wayfinding systems for major hospitals, universities, and other clients. She loves connecting with her clients and helping them solve their wayfinding problems.

Becky's education and resume attest to that. Originally from Shaker Heights, Ohio, she loved studying Astronomy and Math in school. She attended Valparaiso University, and, while there, one of her favorite classes was a philosophy course called Logic & Critical Thinking. She believes this course supports her success at wayfinding, which is so logic-driven. Becky graduated with a bachelor's degree in German, with minors in Math, Physics, and English.

Before joining Corbin, she worked with a regional travel agency, creating and maintaining comprehensive databases for conventions, group trips, and training sessions. That experience honed skills that support her job here, where she acts as the primary client contact and helps develop wayfinding methodology and documentation. The tasks make use of her knowledge of databases and her knack for organizing and tracking project details. Becky’s cheerful attitude and friendly demeanor come in handy at keeping her clients apprised of project progress and spurring vendors to stay on course.

Outside of work, Becky loves enjoying the pace of life in northern Michigan and the beauty around us. She is married, has two kids, and enjoys being involved at their school and spending time with them reading, playing games, and doing crafts. And, her favorite reading material is a good mystery; how's that for an analytical mind.

Wayfinding & Signage System Experience: