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Texas-style Hospitality: Frisco Wayfinding

Posted in Civic, Corbin Client News, Where We Work on October 22nd, 2012 by Mark VanderKlipp – Be the first to comment

The back side of wayfinding signage showcases the Frisco brand.

Our client in Frisco, TX is so enthusiastic about the program we’ve designed for them that they’re posting articles for the public in advance of final installation. But this is by design, of course.

As we’ve completed our civic work, we’ve emphasized to… More...

“Phygital” Wayfinding and Experience Mapping

Posted in Civic, Corporate/Retail, Government, Speaking Engagements, Wayfinding Concept on September 23rd, 2011 by Mark VanderKlipp – Be the first to comment

Physical + Digital = Phygital Wayfinding More...

Corbin President Presents to the Grand Vision

Posted in Government, Wayfinding Concept, Where We Work on July 30th, 2010 by Mark VanderKlipp – Be the first to comment

Recently Mark VanderKlipp, Corbin Design’s President, developed a presentation for local leaders in the Grand Vision initiative here in Northwest Lower Michigan. Citing wayfinding projects throughout North America as examples, he described how other regions are becoming unified both perceptually and physically.Mark VanderKlipp's Grand Vision Interview

Of course there are many challenges in an effort… More...

Quad Cities Mayors Speak to the Value of Wayfinding

Posted in Government, Points of Interest, Wayfinding Concept on July 2nd, 2010 by Mark VanderKlipp – Be the first to comment

A blog post on the Quad Cities CVB Web site addresses in detail (much better than we could!) the anticipated benefit to the region once a comprehensive wayfinding signage program was implemented. Joe Taylor, President of the Quad Cities CVB, was a dedicated project champion and truly brought the region together in support of this initiative. More...

Nobody is as smart as everybody

Posted in Points of Interest on September 24th, 2009 by Mark VanderKlipp – Be the first to comment

Taking a cue from “Mavericks At Work,” we’ve instituted a new segment here at Corbin Design that takes advantage of our (previously hidden) expertise and turns our design minds to a most pressing problem: how to develop the kinds of new business that can continue to sustain us, especially in these challenging times.

The Corbin Team took time out on a Wednesday afternoon to tackle this problem in… More...

Wayfinding and Brand Perception

Posted in White Paper on July 6th, 2009 by Mark VanderKlipp – Be the first to comment

The ultimate expression of your brand lies in your audience’s experience. The verbal and visual elements of a wayfinding system act as the framework for your brand expression. More...