Corbin Design Directs Glass Pavilion Visitors

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Artdaily.org article

Artdaily.org article

This article was recently posted on ArtDaily.org and picked up by a variety of related news sources. It pertains to the value of the wayfinding system we’re developing for the Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art. Since we are still in preliminary planning and design stages, we have not posted… More...

Slate Magazine series on wayfinding signage

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Julia Turner, Deputy Editor at Slate Magazine, has written an excellent series of articles on wayfinding signage. Mark VanderKlipp was interviewed for the last in the series on GPS technology and how it affects traditional wayfinding approaches. Will the GPS ever completely replace signs? And do technology tools degrade our innate abilities to find our way?

When you link to the articles, make sure you read the comments… More...

“That’s not my table, lady.”

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not_my_tableThere was a time, long years ago, when taking care of your own job responsibilities was the only thing you had to do. We’ve all had surprising, even flabbergasting customer service experiences where the individual you’re dealing with either doesn’t have the interest, or the authority, or the capability to handle a simple request. Cable companies, software tech support, sixteen year… More...