Corbin Design Directs Glass Pavilion Visitors

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Artdaily.org article

Artdaily.org article

This article was recently posted on ArtDaily.org and picked up by a variety of related news sources. It pertains to the value of the wayfinding system we’re developing for the Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art. Since we are still in preliminary planning and design stages, we have not posted… More...

Clint Douthitt in Nov 2010 College Planning & Management

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The most obvious test of a campus signage system is if it leads you where you need to go. That isn’t as simple as it sounds, however. “A good integrated wayfinding system should almost go unnoticed; when it’s working correctly, you can easily navigate through any environment,” said Clint Douthitt, senior designer at Traverse City, MI-based Corbin Design.

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The Value of Glocalization

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One of the most pervasive ideas in the New Economy is “Glocalization:” the idea that global thinking can and should be applied to local initiatives for the benefit of a community.

Located in the Northern Lower Peninsula at the base of Grand Traverse Bay The largest city in the region, Traverse City