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Managing Patient Information: Public vs. Private Space

Posted in Healthcare, Wayfinding Concept, White Paper on December 11th, 2009 by Mark VanderKlipp – Be the first to comment

In our healthcare work, we often face the critical question of how to manage competing interests in patient room signage. With so much potential information that could be displayed, what should be? What specific functionality does staff need to effectively do their jobs? How much precautionary information should be shared with visitors? Finally, what about the patient’s privacy concerns?

We’d like to explore the issue a bit further, starting… More...

Trusted Advisor … or Enabler?

Posted in Where We Work, White Paper on December 2nd, 2009 by Rick Stringer – Be the first to comment

We work in a service industry. We charge fees based on services rendered. You, our clients, trust us to educate, to provide our expertise, and often to advocate on your behalf as the “outside expert” who can help to influence approvals, policy, funding or purchase decisions.

But we need to be careful not to cross the line beyond what’s necessary for you. In most cases, an initial proposal will… More...