Weston Regional Medical Center

Weston, WI

This new medical campus—the result of a partnership between two major health care providers—includes a diagnostic and surgical services center, medical office buildings and Wisconsin’s most technologically advanced hospital.

Corbin Design was hired to develop an integrated exterior and interior wayfinding system for the campus and its roughly 500,000 square feet of interior space.

The system includes campus identifiers, illuminated vehicular directionals and building entrance identifiers, and 15-foot-tall backlit logo identifiers located high on building walls for maximum visibility from nearby roads and the expressway.

With six major entrances, getting patients and visitors to the right entrance is critical. Corbin Design assigned a number and color to each entrance along with its name, and incorporated the number/color combination into the design of directional, identification and parking signs for continuity.

Interior signage includes freestanding and wall-mounted directories housing large-format printed inserts, and overhead and wall-mounted directional and destination identification signs. Elevator identifiers bear the same name and color as the closest exterior entrance.

Many interior signs use clear accent panels of resin-embedded beach grass to reflect Weston’s patient-friendly environment.