Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

Winston-Salem, NC

Wayfinding at this sprawling 86-acre medical campus was already complicated when a campus expansion added an Outpatient Cancer Center and a third public parking deck. The result, according to one administrator, was “over 4 million square feet of confusion.”

Corbin Design’s solution involved analyzing traffic patterns and destination names, and recommending the introduction of architectural landmarks to help patients, visitors and staff navigate the campus. In particular, Corbin Design staff reviewed how public entrances were designated, how floors were labeled, and how people made the transition from parking garages to buildings.

As a result of that research, the original floor levels were renamed to reduce confusion, and symbols were introduced to distinguish the three garages. Interior signs in the eight main buildings use different photographic images as sign backgrounds in each building, to differentiate the buildings and let visitors know where they were at a glance. Finally, the interior signage was designed to use printed inserts so that the medical center’s sign shop can make updates on its own.

The signs look great! I love the big entrance logo signs for the buildings.... it IS exciting to see them happen! Thanks for all the hard work and staying on top of things.

Capital Projects Manager
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center