Swedish Medical Center

Seattle, WA

To help visitors better navigate Seattle’s largest hospital, Corbin Design developed a system of monument-style signs that direct drivers and pedestrians around the 15-block campus. Smaller interior signs use similar design elements to guide people to destinations inside.

Our design process involved mapping the hospital and reviewing terminology to find the best routes for client access and the clearest term for each destination. We also assembled a task force of hospital administrators, staff and visitors to identify problems and solutions.

One problem at Swedish, as at many hospitals, was the use of different names for the same department. The Ambulatory Surgery Center, for example, was also called Outpatient Surgery. To avoid confusing visitors, the task force worked with staff to select a single, easily understood term for each department that would be used consistently throughout the new wayfinding system. From now on, the Ambulatory Surgery Center at Swedish will be known as Outpatient Surgery.

We also worked with a Seattle-based design and branding firm to assure that the new “Swedish blue” directional signs effectively reinforce the medical provider’s brand identity in people’s minds.

Corbin’s work on this project won an Award of Distinction from Creativity 31, and publication in the 31st Creativity Annual.