St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

Ypsilanti, MI ‎

Following the addition of a state-of-the-art Women’s Center and an expanded Emergency Department, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System asked Corbin Design to develop an interior wayfinding and signage program for its flagship Ann Arbor hospital. The project encompassed 1.7 million square feet of space, including the main hospital with its two six-story patient towers and expanded Emergency Department, the Women’s Center, a three-story imaging and family birth center and a six-story medical office building.

The previous wayfinding system was inconsistent in its design and upkeep. It relied heavily on the use of overhead signs through the long corridors, and it had no comprehensive system of directory listings or maps. On Corbin Design’s recommendation, the hospital renamed the elevators based on their primary location within each building and added a color to each elevator bank based on the zoned wayfinding already in use on exterior signage.

Corbin Design also developed a visually harmonious system of signs that includes floor and building identification on the directional signage, corridor maps in the connecting hallways, directory listings at all elevators, and main directories and maps at primary public entrances. All of the signage components were designed with paper inserts for easy in-house updating.