St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

Boise, ID

As the first hospital established in Boise circa 1894, this facility has grown into the hub of a regional medical network, with hospitals and clinics serving communities in Idaho, Oregon and Nevada. Over the years, the Boise campus had expanded organically with multiple buildings that housed a variety of services. Corbin Design was brought in when the main entrance of the hospital was moved from its traditional location to a new bed tower. Even for those familiar with the campus, this was a significant change. All campus buildings and entrances would be renumbered as a result.

Working alongside their facilities planning and marketing departments, Corbin Design developed a numbering logic that indicates both geographic location and preferred parking for a given destination. The campus is split between North and South zones, the buildings in each zone numbered sequentially from the new hospital entrance. Parking lots also use this simplified coding to indicate which building is most easily accessed from a given lot. Entrances clearly display the building number above the building’s primary function.

This new logic provides staff with a way to communicate simple, easily understood direction to patients and campus visitors.