The Reading Hospital and Medical Center

West Reading, PA

This 1.5-million-square-foot regional health care center needed a better wayfinding system to guide the 31,000 patients admitted each year as well as the 2.8 million people who visit on an outpatient basis. Corbin Design was initially called in to develop an exterior wayfinding system for the hospital’s 36-acre main campus and later was asked to develop a system of interior signage for the main campus buildings and satellite facilities located around Berks County.

Each building on the main campus had been assigned an identifying letter. Corbin Design recommended assigning a specific color and icon shape to each letter designation as well, having found that different people use different visual cues to find their way through an environment. The icon array has been applied to a wide range of signs, including Boundary Markers, Vehicular Directional Signs, Building and Destination Identifiers, and Parking Signs.

I thank you all again for the day to day support I can count on from you... your thoughtfulness and support are greatly appreciated. I was truly blessed the day I was introduced to your team.

Director of Facilities Management
Reading Hospital and Medical Center