Parkwest Medical Center

Knoxville, TN

An eight-story addition and emergency room expansion prompted Parkwest Medical Center to seek a comprehensive interior and exterior wayfinding system that would unify the campus and direct patients and visitors to the new destinations. The medical center also needed a comprehensive signage plan, as signs in different parts of the facility differed in appearance and terminology.

The project began with an audit of the existing signage along with evaluations of the medical center’s site map, floor plans and public pathways. Corbin Design then developed a series of signs that better linked the various campus elements and better reflected the Parkwest identity. We also developed temporary signage to keep the hospital operating smoothly while the construction was under way. The sign types developed for Parkwest include an aluminum and acrylic main directory, elevator directories using printed inserts, and an eight-foot-wide neon-lit Boulevard Bistro sign that identifies the new 250-seat food court.