Mission Hospitals

Asheville, NC

While developing a new corporate identity, Mission Hospitals sought Corbin Design’s help in evaluating their exterior and interior wayfinding.

The major wayfinding challenge resulted from Mission’s status as the recent union of two facilities, Memorial Mission Hospital and St. Joseph Hospital. This led to confusion among patients in locating the correct facility and finding the best parking area and building entrance for their needs.

Corbin Design solved the problem by designating the two hospitals as campuses, differentiating each campus by color and aligning the names of parking garages and building entrances.

The new system follows five guiding principles:

  • design for the first-time visitor;
  • lead people along specific pre-determined routes;
  • build on campus landmarks and architectural clues;
  • organize the information; and
  • design for flexibility.

A patient brochure was also developed that supports the wayfinding system by guiding patients and visitors along the pre-determined routes and introducing them to the color designations for each campus.

Besides introducing the new corporate identity, the new wayfinding system is designed to promote fewer staff interruptions from lost patients and visitors, more return customers, and a more efficient operation.

Kudos to… our Wayfinding Coordinator, who shepherded the process with Corbin, our wayfinding consultants, to this City approval. The plan we submitted had input from the Foundation, Service Excellence and Marketing… [whose] help was especially important to blend the wayfinding with branding. Corbin's team did a fantastic job working with the City and providing strong solutions to our needs.

Project Manager, Facility Planning
Mission Health System