Lakeland Regional Medical Center

St. Joseph, MI

At any hospital facility, the addition of a new patient care tower is an opportunity to enact change: in the way you treat patients, address advances in technology, and express your unique brand attributes. Lakeland HealthCare wholeheartedly seized this opportunity. Located between major metropolitan areas, Lakeland has implemented a strategic plan to attract patients by upgrading their facilities to the state-of-the-art while still providing the personalized level of service that patients had come to expect.

Throughout the process, our clients understood the verbal, visual and cultural changes required of them: in order to fully realize their investment in the wayfinding system, staff and volunteers needed to understand how changes in the facility resulted in enhancements to the patient experience. We developed a staff education piece that describes the changes, both to the physical system and each staffer’s expected behavior.

The resulting system reflects a simplified brand language, both verbal and visual. All wayfinding messages appear on a Lakeland blue-green field, defining and directing the visitor experience throughout each campus.