Indiana University Health North Hospital

Carmel, IN

For this technologically advanced, 700,000-square-foot campus on a 107-acre site, Corbin Design developed a comprehensive series of custom static and interactive wayfinding elements that show the way to healing.

While the wayfinding designs reflect the overall IU Health brand identity, Corbin Design worked closely with architects and interior designers to assure that the elements were well integrated and reflected the facility’s healing nature.

Outside, internally illuminated identification and directional signs sit atop masonry bases that coordinate with the building’s architectural aesthetic. Inside, a series of elegant freestanding and wall-mounted signs complement the soothing décor. Glass panels are engraved with elegant patterns and lit from underneath while identification signs carry symbols representing nature, wholeness and life.

Each primary building entrance includes an interactive electronic kiosk with LCD touchscreens that display directory information, floor maps and public paths. A virtual keyboard helps users search for physicians or destinations by name, in English or Spanish. These three networked kiosks allow easy web-based updating by IU Health North administrators as staff and locations change.